my makeup today


Lately, I’ve been increasingly obsessed with my longtime hobby, makeup + beauty. Part of this is due to my discovery (not at all ahead of the curve here) of Jaclyn Hill and Manny Mua on YouTube, although I have to say that I can’t imagine wearing as much makeup as either of them pretty much ever. Nevertheless, I suddenly find myself regularly wearing three colors of eyeshadow, which is certainly a change from my “eyeshadow?” routine of yore. Another contributing factor has been my subscription to BirchBox, which is super fun too (and makes a great gift!). While I certainly think it’s up to each person to decide on the makeup routine (or lack thereof) that’s right for them, for me, I find it relaxing and sort of meditative to spend 10 minutes in the morning slathering my face in product. Here’s what’s in my makeup tray at the moment:
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the once and future makeup

Recently — okay, not that recently, in January actually — I was reminded by my mom that I once wore a Dior foundation, and said to myself, huh. I had almost no memory of this! So I thought it might be fun to put together a little post about my go-to products now and their (probably objectively just as good) predecessors.

(This is from last July on our third anniversary :) )

A beauty blog I read recently gave a name to something I have always experienced as a closet beauty junkie: even if you really like a product, it’s just so fun to try something else. In other words, few things merit a “repurchase” unless the product is completely fantastic and/or at a desirable price point.

Without further ado, the things I love now and their antecedents!

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