basement finds

We cleaned out the basement this weekend! The previous occupants (probably more than one set of them) had left layers upon layers of crap, such as “all purpose sand” (?), millions of tiles, melted drywall, small items of furniture, a whole putting green (?!), a printer in a box, a dresser missing half its drawers, various pots, two benches (big plans for those!), a table, boxes, and…


…these cool jars! We don’t think they’re necessarily that old, but the greeny-blue glass is really pretty. Don’t you think they’ll make nice vases, or a cute centerpiece?


… this awesome wine box! Isn’t this just exactly the type of box you always see in cool DIYs?

Last but not least, we found these weird little guys:

They are signed by an artist! I have no idea what they could be for, so I assume they are art?

It’s about a billion degrees here, but more importantly, today is my first day of class! Woot!