a new project

Parker and I are just back from our trip (on which more later), and we’ve decided to embark on a new project. Inspired by my recent (and first (!!)) viewing of Vertigo (I know, shameful), I found this list of the BBC’s 100 Top American Films. Last night we watched the first one, #100, Billy Wilder‘s Ace in the Hole.

Kirk Douglas in Ace in the Hole

It’s the story of a newspaperman who’s been fired from 11 major city newspapers, and gets himself a job at the Albuquerque local paper. I’m loathe to say more because we went in knowing nothing about it and it turned out to be an incredible film experience on every level: plot, dialogue, aesthetic, acting… Kirk Douglas was fantastic. Basically, I’d really recommend it!

Have you ever gone through a film list (or a filmography of a certain actor or director)? Which one? I already feel like I’ve learned something and it’s certainly been enjoyable so far. :)


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