excursions, vol. 6: lyon

One weekend, I took off to Lyon to meet my brilliant friend Lochin, who was sadly suffering from food poisoning :/. Nevertheless, we managed to have fun traipsing around Lyon, a city that took me by storm. I was “ravie” (ravished) and plan to return in a couple weeks with Parker to continue exploring.

The city is built around (and between) two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, and because these rivers have created quite the valley, there are some portions of the town that are quite steep. It’s not uncommon to descend or ascend a staircase instead of a street.

We stayed on Croix-Rousse, which is frequently compared to Paris’s Montmartre. I don’t really get the comparison (maybe I don’t know Montmartre well enough), but I LOVED the neighborhood. There were abundant bars and restaurants (particularly beer bars!) and just all-around good vibes. We stayed in a lovely Airbnb with a young French couple.


Old Lyon (“Vieux Lyon”) is the medieval part of the city, and there are these strange small passages called “traboules” that cut through various buildings. It’s like going through a wormhole!

The cathedral was beautiful, but in the process of being cleaned so the oldest (=best) part was hidden from us. Dommage!


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