excursions, vol. 5: sénanque, gordes, roussillon

As I mentioned before, our program organized several excursions for the group over the course of our six weeks in Avignon. The second one, and maybe the best one, was to the Cistercian abbey Sénanque, the picturesque town of Gordes, and the red village Roussillon.

I mean, srsly.

Senanque Gordes Rousillon

The abbey dates from the twelfth century, and still houses ten Cistercian monks.

Senanque Gordes Rousillon

Senanque Gordes Rousillon

I didn’t see any monks, but I did see tourists hiding among the lavender plants to get their typical “PROVENCE” photos…
Senanque Gordes Rousillon

Next, we went to Gordes, a hilltop town that is reputed to be “the most beautiful town in France” — the title is, of course, disputed. There were, however, indisputably fantastic views.
Panorama from Gordes
The steep streets had little staircases down the center – but they were still slick!

Lastly, we headed to Roussillon. The earth around this town is rich in ochre, which means that it was harvested. The characteristic red color is everywhere, from the buildings to the bluffs.
Senanque Gordes Rousillon
Senanque Gordes Rousillon
The view isn’t half bad from here, either…
Roussillon (bluff + house)


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