excursions, vol. 1: avignon

I have spent the last five weeks in Avignon, living with a lovely host family intra muros. Here are some photos from my stay, if you’d like to see…

Avignon et Uzes

Rue Joseph Vernet

It’s been a super hot summer (people spend a lot of time moaning about the “canicule,” or heat wave), but rosé with glaçons always helps…
I live on a tiny side street just off of Rue Joseph Vernet. We’re lucky to be here because it’s peaceful during the festival which is otherwise total mayhem.
Avignon et Uzes
It’s three weeks of non-stop theatre; there are over 1300 productions! During the festival, the whole town is polluted with a crazy number of posters and a crazy number of people. As a professed crowd-hater, it has not been my favorite thing. That said, it is kind of neat that because I’m sort of in the mood, I’m going to check out a play in a few minutes. (Racine, Brittanicus, if you were wondering…)
Avignon et Uzes
Four days a week I have four to five hours of class in a small, cramped, hot room on the Place du Palais. The said Palais is the Palais des Papes, which dates from the end of the thirteenth century. The popes briefly decamped here for political reasons, and during the Western Schism, one of the two popes was in Avignon.
Avignon et Uzes
Avignon et Uzes
The best part about being here is being with my host family. They take me to do fun things like go swimming in the country or picnicking at a winery (that’s for another post). I think my French has really improved being with them. :)


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