the best hair trick

Seriously. It’s majikal.


OK, so as I have discussed before, my only hair goal is to look like Connie Britton all the time. And suddenly, although it’s still not a reality, it’s so much closer.

I found some tip on Refinery 29 about curling your hair in a ponytail, so I tried it.

First, you put your hair in a ponytail on the top of your head, as near to your forehead as possible. Next, divide the ponytail into four sections. With a 1″ curling iron, curl each section and pin it to set. Get on with your morning. When you’re about to leave the house, mist with a little hairspray (I’m using a Tresemmé one right now that I honestly don’t like very much, but even it suffices), unpin, finger-comb or brush, and ta-da!

Does this make any sense? I’ll try to do a picture tutorial soon.


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