dinners this week vol. 3: some complicated meals and a weeknight winner

I had an amazing time in Paris last week with my mom! But it was kind of nice to be cooking again :) I think Parker felt the same way — I’m pretty sure he subsisted entirely on weird snacks while I was gone. So this week we made:

our favorite carnitas (actually, Parker made them this time), which is more of a weekend recipe just because it takes a while – but it’s not hard at all.

-a delicious soup from this cookbook with pinto beans and 20 cloves of garlic — actually, 26 cloves! And bizarrely, that was not even the dominant flavor. It was delicious and also more of a weekend thing because it takes quite a while. Plus, they advise making it a day in advance, which we did.

– this weeknight winner: mushroom marsala bake. It only required one pot!


– lastly, we marinated a pork tenderloin in soy sauce, dijon mustard, olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper and Parker prepared it in some magical way. I think he seared it on all sides, then wrapped in in foil for 15 minutes, then finished in the oven for 15 minutes. But temperatures, etc, are all unknown to me. He also went nuts and made this as a side dish. Pretty sure that his rage was the dominant flavor there (only joking, it was delicious!)


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