new desk!

Guys, I got a new-to-me desk!
Thanks to our friend Matt‘s desk upgrade, he no longer needed this old teacher’s desk. I was thrilled to get it for several reasons: one, it was $0, and two, it is quite deep for its petite size. Since the study is a very small room (8’x10’, with odd protrusions on one wall), I needed a smallish desk — but I much prefer deep desks. This was the best solution possible!
Desk Top
It even has this nifty pull-out surface extension!
Desk extension

Because the study is so small and relatively low-light, I had a bit of a debate about where to put this desk. I knew that I preferred to face the doorway to the living room because light shines in through the bay windows of that room. But I also recognized that the space might not permit that: a path needs to remain clear and easy from the living room to the kitchen.

So I tried four different desk configurations. First, I did the “sensible” thing and placed the desk against the wall… and was immediately bummed out.
Desk Position 1
I’ve had a desk against the wall before, so I’m not completely against it. However, that desk was always in rooms with ample natural light, and if I’m remembering correctly it featured a hutch that pretty much necessitated a wall. This desk, against the dark wall, looked undersized even with the shrimpy wall length we were dealing with. Remembering my initial plan, I turned to a new configuration.

I rotated the desk 180 degrees and placed it near the window (the same window that is a couple feet from the neighbor’s house).
Desk Position 2
Hm. Not centered under the funny landscape print we picked up last weekend, the desk looked kind of odd. But moving the print would have looked even odder, so I tried moving the desk.
Desk Position 3
Here you can see the area behind the desk in positions 2 and 3.
Position 3 room
Not bad! It still looked a little lonesome in the middle of the room, but it was a definite improvement on option 2.

Finally, I tried my original idea of having it at an angle. Parker thought I was nuts for wanting this at all! I thought it might help with the flow from living room to kitchen.
Desk Position 4
I kind of liked it!

So which one did I go for? Well, I added some desk stuff, moved our flea market machine drawers around, and finally stepped back and said: ahhh.
Desk Winner
Option 3 met all of my needs: maintaining good flow between the rooms, facing the sunlight, and looking nice to boot. I happened to be doing this at the time of day when the sun shines in the most from the living room: the morning. Here’s an unedited photo showing the sunlight:
Desk Natural Light
The lamp is from Target; the chair is Ikea (and soon to be replaced, I hope); and the wall color is Ben Moore Knoxville Gray (inspired by LGN).

It’s great timing to get this sorted out, as I start class a week from today! Unbelievable!


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