lackluster lighting

Our apartment came equipped with some odd lighting choices. In fact, in a four-room+bathroom apartment, every single room has a fixture that is strange in some way. Want a tour?

Let’s start in the living room, with the droopiest ceiling fan:
Surely the blades are not meant to be at that angle! And the frosted glass look is not to my taste, either. (I dream of a fan like Kim and Scott’s new find to replace it!)

Heading towards the back of the house, here is the dirty and stark ceiling fixture in the study:
To make matters worse, the bulbs that we found in there when we moved in are at radically different temperatures:
I have big plans to follow Jenny’s instructions to make my own light and replace it! I think this fun DIY would work with both purposes of the room, which are (for right now) a study and a bar area. :)

In the kitchen, I have already mentioned the weirdness that is the green plywood ceiling medallion. Here’s a better photo, showing how it enhances the “beauty” of the cherry-and-frosted-glass fan.
It would be great to have an Aluma in here too, and get rid of that ceiling medallion!

Back in the bedroom, there are six (!) recessed lights for an 11’x11′ room. Excessive. But even stranger, one of them has an off-white canister, while all the others are true white.

And last, but certainly not least, the award for actually gross goes to the light in the bathroom.
Yep, that’s rust.


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