small updates with big impact

Today, I made two small updates around the house that I think made a big difference.

ONE: I spray painted the nasty A/C unit that lives in our wall. (Side note: we never use the a/c and kind of want to replace this unit with a stained glass window? Is that totally nuts?)
Here is a before photo:

And here are some process shots. First, I took the cover off and uncovered a world of nastiness. Witness the furballs hanging onto the screws that held the cover on.

After a serious cleaning, I spray painted with Rustoleum Protective Enamel in Flat White. I painted the part still in the wall with the same Zinsser primer and Clark + Kensington paint combo I used on the trim throughout the room.

I let it dry overnight, then hung it back up.
Wow! … am I right?! So much better. Although it’s still an ugly part of the room, at least now it recedes rather than being framed with brown wood. I seriously think this A/C unit might date from 1987, making it my age. Woof. (PS: We still need to switch out that outlet!)

TWO: I ran to this amazing local fabric/yarn store, Gather Here, and picked up three cute fabrics. I was sick of our couch throw pillow worn-out-cover situation (glimpsed here), and our bed’s throw pillow just didn’t go with our new bedding. Et voilĂ ! New pillowcases make everything better.
It probably took me 45 minutes to make three pillowcases, making me wonder why I had never done so before. Ah, laziness!


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