living room in GIF form

Welcome to a 360 degree view of the living room, courtesy of the Party Party app.

Living Room GIF

Let’s start at the beginning with sources: the couch is an Ikea Friheten; the box/coffee table is a blanket box we found at a flea in Toronto; the brass side table is from Target (for $5.97!); the crazy Paul Revere lamp was found on the street!; the tree is a Ficus Benjamina; the cart is the ubiquitous Ikea Raskog (which I keep seeing in hair salons — anyone else?) and..and..and! the great leaning bookcase is the new Sawyer from Crate and Barrel — which we need to fill with more books and objects!
The desk chair is an Ikea chair. Folks, we have ourselves a real room — still missing our rug (which we plan to clean before we put out) and an armchair, which we want to put where the bar cart is now. But real room! Hooray!


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