dirty windows

How gross is this?!

That is the black paper towel produced after one swipe on the study window. Before cleaning, it looked like this:

One lucky/nice feature is that the windows open inward for cleaning, so it was an easy problem to remedy. The “W” written on the window was done by the home inspector, who teased us big time about how filthy this particular window was.

You might be wondering, is that the house next door? Well, yes it is. It is approximately four feet away. This means that the middle two rooms, the kitchen and the study, get very little light. (Remember the floor plan?) While that is obviously not the dream, I really don’t mind for several reasons. One, the living room and bedroom get amazing and beautiful amounts of sunlight! And two, we do still have windows in those rooms, which helps immensely with air flow. (Plus, the windows in the kitchen are neat little greenhouses — that’s something to look at in a future post!) And who knows, maybe by cleaning them I have increased the light in the study! (I mean, opacity had to be at least 50%).


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