living room progress

Guys, the bedroom was child’s play. A walk in the park. Nothing!

This photo really sums up all my feelings about tackling the living room’s trim. Look at my heinous painting outfit, and my heinous face. I mean, it must have been awful for me to share this photo, don’t you think?


Also, look at our ridiculously messy painting setup. I mean, ew.

As a reminder, here is what we were dealing with before. The first photo is from the real estate listing; the second is when we had taken down some of the crap that was on the walls.
living room ad

You can tell better in the second picture that the walls were this light mauve. We were trying to come up with a name for this paint color. Parker came up with “bitchy rosé.” I think that’s pretty accurate :)

I was the door queen while Parker was the window king.

As I mentioned before, we chose Ben Moore Chantilly Lace as our go-to white, but had it mixed up in Clark + Kensington paint. Overall, we are happy with this paint, but the coverage on the semi-gloss formula left something to be desired. After starting with Zinsser primer, it required three coats of C+K to fully cover the trim wood. (You can see me applying the first coat over the primer in the above picture.) That means four total coats on four closet doors and one swinging door, plus the baseboards and the door frames. Ugh ugh ugh.

We are still waiting on picking up a special surprise we ordered before I do the reveal of our after-for-now, but here’s a sneak peak of one of the windows and our Ficus Benjamina on this rainy day.


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