we’re in cambridge! and making painting progress!

We got here on Tuesday, July 29, after I suggested in all seriousness that we leave Toronto at 3 AM — and, guess what, we did! We caravan-ed in the Fit and Penske truck smoothly all the way here. Truthfully, it could not have gone any smoother with getting the truck (in Niagara, USA), loading it (with our former building’s GIGANTIC freight elevator), driving across the border, or unloading it here in Cambridge. It was seriously smooth. I mean, a nine-hour drive that starts at 3 AM is always fatiguing, but it was an easy ride other than that! We even had friends over that night for a few American beers. :)

It took me a few days to recover from the exhaustion brought on by this drive, but by Saturday we were painting! As I discussed before, I was having serious issues coming up with the white paint that I thought would be best in this space. I put many white paint chips on a few walls and looked at them for a few days. We considered BM and Clark + Kensington colors, but ended up loving BM Chantilly Lace. Over on Little Green Notebook, Jenny had mentioned that Ben Moore Chantilly Lace was a pure white with less yellow than BM Simply White, and we really saw the difference! We wanted a crisp, clean white that if anything was a little cool after the gross warm tones our apartment was painted when we moved in. After deliberation, I decided that the trim paint should also be Chantilly Lace, but in semi-gloss (the walls are in flat). To save some money, I had these colors mixed up in Clark + Kensington paint, color matched to BM Chantilly Lace.

So, our plan was (and is) to go room-by-room. With that in mind, we set up our bed in the living room and started with the bedroom. We’ve since made huge progress in the living room as well, but today is about the bedroom!

Here’s the before, from the real estate listing.

I mean, the wood trim! We learned since moving in that our entire building was gut-renovated in 1987, and that’s definitely when all the wood trim dates from. We also learned that this gut job was done by a guy who was sort of an amateur. He did some things well, and others poorly. That’s definitely what we’ve noticed as we’ve been working. At any rate, this was not beautiful historical wood. It was gross 80’s wood. And it had to go.

Here’s a picture that shows the wall color a little better. It was a creamy, yellow-ish color. You can also see our glamorous taping job and hardworking Ikea chair.

Maybe the scariest discovery of the room (minor in the grand scheme of things!) was that the room used to be painted a vivid red color. (They also did a crummy job painting, so I was sanding down a massive drip when I found this!)

We did a good amount of this:

And finally arrived at this!


photo 2

So much better, right?! In addition to the window and door trim, we also painted the disgusting baseboard heater covers (which we would love to replace someday) — a nice coat of white paint really helped, though.


I hoarded our bedding for a while. We bought it at EQ3 in Toronto, and the pattern is called Phlox. I really love the calm but visually interesting pattern. The bed and nighstands are IKEA. The lamps (which I think I am going to move elsewhere) are both from Target.

Another small change with big impact was switching out the outlets and outlet covers to pure white. Parker did a great job with this!

2014-08-08 10.52.45
(gif made with the Party Party app!)
I love how restful and simple our bedroom is now! What a big difference a couple coats of paint makes :) Maybe I will share our (simple!) painting process on another day.


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