shoe muse

I know, I know. I am a girl so I am supposed to just looooove shoes. Dream about shoes. Not hesitate to drop some moolah on shoes. But the cold harsh reality is that I do not looooooove shoe shopping. It kind of drives me nuts. See, to me, there are just a few things I want from shoes and (shaking fist at heaven) they are rarely all found in the same shoe!

1. Reasonable comfort. I’m not expecting every shoe to be orthotic, but for its style, it should be pretty comfortable (i.e., pumps will never be as comfortable as flats, but there are more and less comfortable pumps).

2. Quality. If I’m putting out money for shoes, I want them to last a decent amount of time.

3. Style. This is the kicker! If I didn’t give a crap, all my shoes would be orthotic clunkers made for old women. And I would probably be happy as a clam. Maybe this is the criterium that I actually need to sacrifice?

OK, so with those criteria hopefully met, what are the essential shoes for a girl like me? (nb. girl like me = grad student on a budget living in a place with four seasons)

shoe collage
I think if I had all these shoes, I would be set.
1/Birkenstock Arizona 2/Nude flats (I prefer a slightly pointy toe) 3/Nude heels (Mary Janes are fun!) 4/Black flats 5/Bright sandals or flats 6/Tall black boots 7/Short, stacked brown boots 8/Black pumps 9/Cute rain boots… plus, of course, some trainers and snow boots, but in those cases I really don’t go for fashion!

What shoes can’t you live without?


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