our toronto home

As much as my head is in the new place, I have to say I love where we live now. It’s a building that was formerly a CBC (think BBC) warehouse, converted in the 90’s into condos. It has a completely open floor plan and GREAT light thanks to floor-to-12-foot-ceiling windows. We’re definitely going to miss the airy and spacious feeling — our new place is actually bigger, but there’s something about living in one big room that really feels open.

On the other hand, it’s hard for us to both be working on different stuff in here, and Parker is much more of a night owl than I am. (Although I’ve tried to… er…reprogram him this year!) So we’re excited for the broken-up-ness of our new place, too.

Without further ado, welcome in!
Sumach House Tour

It was a tough balance for us furnishing this place. On the one hand, we wanted to be comfortable. On the other hand, we didn’t know how long we’d be staying here, and budget was a huge concern. So a lot of our stuff is from IKEA or Craigslist, with a healthy helping of flea market finds.

Here’s the view right when you walk in the (huge!) door:
Sumach House Tour
The “Monogamy Owls” poster, as we call it, is from a local brewery, Bellwoods. It was definitely an impulse purchase, but we love it. (Although the message is a little strong…ha!)

Our couch is the Ikea Freiheiten. It pulls out! We are overall really happy with how it has held up for the price tag, although we worry it might be too big in our new space. The trunk is from a flea market, and was originally a blanket storage box.
Sumach House Tour

Next to the couch is our prized bar cart. It is so fun to have this set up, and we can’t wait to add to it back in the US (where booze is infinitely cheaper!)
Sumach House Tour

The ladder was a flea market find and now is mostly a cat tower. The little side table is from Target – I got it on mega-clearance for seriously $5.98. Score! The plant is fake and from Ikea.
Sumach House Tour
Sumach House Tour

We went for a double desk because we both wanted to be by the window while working. It has worked out really well.
Sumach House Tour

The only thing is that because of the length of the tabletop, the two IKEA trestles we bought for it were not sufficient to keep it from bowing. Luckily, I found these sweet machine drawers at the flea market to make a third “leg.” My lamp is from Target; the book cubes are super old, but also from Target (they were in my childhood bedroom formerly!)
Sumach House Tour

The orange-y laminate in the kitchen is less than our favorite, and the white appliances are sure tough to clean. But! The kitchen is huge, and the open layout (my back was to the couch as I took this shot) is great for entertaining.
Sumach House Tour
Sumach House Tour

From the couch, you can see the bed.
Sumach House Tour

Looking out from the bathroom (not currently pictured, ha!), you can see how part of the bedroom never gets sunlight because the bathroom/part of the kitchen protrudes into the center of the loft (the wall of Monogamy Owls fame is the end of this peninsula).
Sumach House Tour

Although this turned out to be a one-year adventure, we still love our home and our neighborhood (hey there, Cabbagetown, we’re looking at you!) We’ll be sad to say goodbye next month!


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