shades of white

As I mentioned in the introduction to our new apartment, I am basically frothing at the mouth with excitement over painting the place white! The previous owners hadn’t painted for a long time, and the paint jobs that exist are terrible. I mean, like not even one full coat in some cases. Half-painted mauve? Aged mayonnaise? Ew.

Since it is a small space, just around 675 sq. ft., the white will really open everything up. In particular, that dated wood trim has got to go. This is no nice original woodwork — it is gross eighties oak. Same goes for the kitchen cabinets: they are functional as-is, but it’s going to feel so nice to open up the kitchen with white cabinets and walls.

I mean, remember, this is the before. The arrow is indicating a totally hilarious hunter-green plywood ceiling medallion that is coming down pretty much immediately. (Don’t worry, I’ll snap a better “before” first so it can have its day in the sun.)


I’m thinking of going with Benjamin Moore Advance paints for the trim, baseboard heaters, doors and kitchen cabinets. But for the walls, it never hurts to save some pennies with the Clark + Kensington line from Ace. Our plan (after painting prep, duh) is to buy a paint sprayer (this one?) and tackle the trim and doors. We can take the panels off of the baseboard heaters to get the smoothest coverage on them. We may mask off the windows to hit them at the same time — truthfully, I’m nervous about painting the windows! Finally, we’ll cut in and roll with the best of ’em to get the ceilings and walls taken care of.

I can’t wait!



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