cambridge apartment: the ugly before

It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything over here in my little corner of the web, but I am so excited to say we are moving back to Cambridge from Toronto. Toronto?! you might ask. Last you heard, we were in the big CA! But then last spring, I was accepted into a Masters program up here in the Great White North. So Northwards we came!

But now, we’re coming back! I’ll be starting my Ph.D. at Harvard in the fall (VERITAS!) and Parker’s got good things in the works too. But honestly, what we are both looking forward to is a serious revamp of our place. See, we found the perfect apartment. But it needs a little lovin’!

Here she is from the outside, just to entice you to leap past the cut into the … ahem … befores…
Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 4.06.49 PM

It may be helpful to start with a floor plan. I am trying to learn to use SketchUp, but the results are less than impressive so far. So you will have to embrace my low-tech old-school floor plan:

As we go through the place, I’ll refer back to this floor plan to help us out. OK, here we go!

When you come into the front door, you walk into the kitchen. We’re psyched about the quality appliances and the space! And we are counting down the seconds until we can paint those cabinets.

Looking back at front door:
Front door
Standing near bathroom, looking left:
Kitch from bath angle
Standing near bathroom, looking straight. You’ll notice we have cute little window boxes where we can grow herbs and maybe orchids?
Kitch from bath

Let’s head back to the bedroom, which is through a pocket door from the kitchen. The previous owners left these big IKEA Pax units. They are in great shape, but we wonder if we need that much of our floor space taken up by storage? We really have very little stuff.

From the kitchen:
bed from kitch
Two big windows!
The Pax and a blurry Parker:

The bathroom is the room with the most potential for improvement. From the ancient washer and dryer, to the hilariously shallow almond acrylic tub, we’re going to be looking for some solutions in here for sure.
(former occupants’ stuff)
laundry in bathroom

Now back up through the kitchen to the study. We are heavily contemplating some demo to remove the wall between this room and the kitchen to open the whole place up. But for now, it will be a great place to get some work done, even with its strange shape.
View from the kitchen:

Study from kitch

Looking at the window; shared wall with kitchen (whose days are numbered?) is on the right.


And finally, the best room of the house: the living room with its huge bay windows and massive closets.
Bay windowsClosets

Just for fun, here’s the view from the top (the roof deck, that is!)

We can’t wait to give everything a coat of white paint! More about that soon. We’ve got a month until we move, so lots of time to plan!


4 thoughts on “cambridge apartment: the ugly before

    • You wish, my friend! Actually, if you could help me with it, that would be great – I genuinely have no idea how to make it something usable unless I take a screen shot. (Shameful!)

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