make your own roman blinds

I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s nothing that says “rental” like those awful plastic Venetian blinds. They’re always broken and always seem dirty. They always go up crooked. And in our case, they were this awful ivory color (the walls are white). When we moved into our little house, we decided to replace them.

Want to do the same? Can you sew in a straight line? Can you use a hammer? Can you loop thread a million times around a little ring? Good, you can make roman blinds.

roman blind living room

I used this tutorial from Jen Duncan’s blog. It was so straightforward. I’ve made five total around the house!

The best part about the ones in the bedroom is that they are so light and airy that we never have to open them! This is great because that room is on a busy street and, well, it’s our bedroom so we want it to be cozy and private. Duh.

roman blind bedroom

Would you try this to spruce up your space? I heartily recommend it! xo. H


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