new t.v. stand!

When we moved into our house, we immediately got to work on the living room. Lots of things started to shape up. Except…

tv stand before

… the T.V. area. Which was truly an abomination. See that yarn? The boxes of books? The nest of wires? The, ahem, clown???!

Park and I woke up Friday and decided to attack it. The whole room feels bigger and lighter now! :)

Here’s how we went from that to this:

tv stand plan

then to this:

tv stand landscape

We used:

  • two 1×3.5×8 pine boards
  • one 1x8x6 pine board
  • Miniwax Polystain in Antique Walnut

Plus these tools:

  • nails
  • screws
  • hammer
  • measuring tape
  • chop saw we got at the swap meet for $15 (win!)

First, we measured the angle of our corner, considering how we wanted the T.V. to fit in there. Our angles were 40 degrees and 50 degrees.

Then, we used the chop  saw to cut the angles in our short boards. We knew the longest board was going to be 46″ on its longest edge, so we started  by cutting those angles. Then we measured the short side, which was the measurement for the next long side. I’m sure you could do this with math but we did it the lazy way.

It was a mess.

tv stand mess

We also cut the 1x8x6 board into 10.5″ pieces, ready to be our supports.

Finally we had our boards cut. We sanded the edges and then scratched our heads to figure out how to stabilize the three boards together so we could screw them to the two support boards. (the other sets you see will one day be shelves! stay tuned!)

tv stand in progress

Park had the great idea to put nails in at 45 degree angles to tack them together. This is probably obvious to you but I thought it was brilliant.

tv stand tack_edited

tv stand tack 2 _edited

Then we brought our three-part trapezoid into the living room to be sure it would fit. We even did the screwing-in portion in there.

tv stand assembly

And after two coats of the stain, which I applied with a paintbrush, we finally arrived here :)

tv stand vertical

For total amateur hour, we think it came out awesome. What do you think? Would you try something like this?


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