make your own hot pads!

hot pad completed 1

It is so easy to make your own hot pads! They are useful in every household, so they make fantastic gifts. Plus, you can choose cute or silly fabric to make them more personal. Are you ready to learn how?

You will need:
hot pad materials

  • 1/4 yard of two different fabrics – I like it if at least one side is geometric and simple!
  • Quilting batting – I bought a crib-blanket sized piece and cut it into 6.5″x7.5″ rectangles. I use 2 layers per hot pad.
  • Grosgrain ribbon – 3″ per hot pad
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread

Step one: Cut your fabric (and batting if you haven’t yet). I made my fabric 8″x9″ and the batting 6.5″x7.5″.

hot pad materials cut

Step two: Insert and pin the ribbon at the top of the pad as shown, with right sides facing each other.

hot pad insert ribbon

Step three: Using your sewing machine, sew around three edges of the pad (the two long sides and the short side where you inserted the ribbon). Then trim the two corners as shown.

hot pad sewn

Step four: Turn the pad right side out and insert both layers of batting together.

hot pad insert batting

hot pad batting inserted

Step five: Fold the raw edges inside the pad, enveloping the batting. Pin and sew.

hot pad fold and tuck

Step six: Using a zig-zag stitch, make an “x” in the center of the pad. This keeps the batting from moving around and also looks cute!

hot pad completed 2

You are done!
hot pad completed 1

Did that take 10 minutes or what? You can even get a little assembly line going and make a bunch in a row. Hope you have fun making your own hot pads! xoxo Hannah


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